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Traditional harness design is expensive and slow.

Designing and sourcing wiring harnesses is a daunting proposition to begin with, and the process is only made worse by difficulties in communication with vendors, slow iteration times, frequent quality control issues, and suboptimal parts due to a simple lack of specialization.

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The next generation of harness design and production is here.

What if wiring harness design for new platforms entailed rapid prototyping, lightning-fast revisions,
near-instant feedback, and release dates scheduled in weeks, rather than months?


Electrex has been an industry leader since 1978, and we're breaking the mold again.

We are not content to rest on our laurels or maintain the status quo with our longtime customers. In the spirit of the innovation that has always driven us, Electrex has changed the game again.

Case Studies

A simple process for making complex harnesses.

The complex nervous system of your platform is not only our speciality, but is also our passion. We've synthesized an otherwise overwhelming process down to three easy steps.

a Call

Tell us about your platform machinery and needs, and we'll dive into the review phase together.

Design & Quote

We'll review the electrical standards and harness solutions you need, and provide a quote in record time. 

Protoypes & Production

Experience the speed, efficiency, and quality that Electrex is known for, driving your profit margins ever higher.

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Our story isn't just about the past

We take pride in being a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality electrical components and systems since 1978. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and engineering excellence has driven us to innovate, collaborate, and maintain a focus on quality and safety throughout our journey.


We have built a solid reputation for delivering reliable electrical solutions, thanks to our emphasis on research and development, which has led to numerous patents and proprietary technologies. Our diverse product range serves various industries, and our dedication to sustainability has earned us industry recognition and prestigious awards.

As we embrace an innovative future, we're excited to leverage our expertise to address the challenges of a rapidly changing energy landscape. We're committed to investing in cutting-edge technology and partnerships to develop next-generation solutions for energy management, smart grids, and energy storage, contributing significantly to clean energy technologies and a sustainable future.

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